Calais Ferry Port Guide – Dover to Calais

Traveling throughout Europe can be a very exciting experience; many people decide to do so by ferry. One of the busiest ports between England and France is known as the Calais Ferry Port. There are a variety of different activities, restaurants, and other things to enjoy when you’re in this area.

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Cheap Dover to Calais Ferry Deals

Calais Travel Guide

If you’re into touring and you want to see some of the historical sites, you will want to start your journey at the Calais Town Hall, which has a lot of history behind how it was built and what happened there. Of course, there is definitely more for you to see. If you love the ocean, take a trip out to the Calais Lighthouse.

Calais History

A trip through the Historical War Museum will give you a glance at many of the wars that France has been involved in. And, last but not least, if you have a love for old religious buildings, you can find the Notre Dame Church in this region as well. All of these sites are within a short walk of the ferry port itself.

Calais Shopping

Calais is known for all of the different shopping centers that they have within a short distance of the Ferry as well. There are a variety of different stores that sell French wine only, so you can get a taste of the delicious wines that they have to offer.

If you’re looking for gifts, you can go take a look at the Rene Classe, which offers a number of different types of porcelain and china based dishes. If food is more your style, you can go indulge in sweets like royalty at the Au Royal Chocolate – which is where King Henry IV liked to get his fix of chocolate.

If you go a little bit further into Calais, you will be able to see all of the different outlets that they have for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

These shopping centers (specifically, The Living Centre, which is the newest one in the area) have a variety of different stores that you can browse around and see what you would like to get while you’re there. Lace is a very popular item in Calais, and several outlet stores sell all sorts of lace products.

Eating out in Calais

After you’ve completed a day of shopping, you may want to try and find a bite to eat. Calais has a variety of delicious restaurants that you can check out. Some of the street corners will have food vendors that offer fresh chips or other quick foods.

If you’re looking for something with more variety, you will want to check out the Buffet de la Gare or the Café de Paris – both have delicious food at fair costs. You can find the best deals when you book in advance so make sure you check out our Dover Calais Ferry prices.

If you’re going all out, however, you will want to make sure that you take a look at any of the restaurants that are run by the Toques d’Opale – these restaurants will give you some of the best cuisine in the area, and they make hours out of each meal, so plan to stay for a bit.

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