MyFerryLink Guide

If your experience on MyFerryLink seems familiar it is because their predecessor was SeaFrance. MyFerryLink came into being in 2012 with three ships in their fleet. Two are dedicated for passenger and cargo use, and one is for freight only.

Their ships are newer than most, and feature some of the latest innovations in passenger transport and service on the Channel. They have concentrated their service on the Dover to Calais route, which is the most heavily traveled ferry route on the channel.  Ferries to France from Dover continue to be immensely popular.

The Dover to Calais Experience:

Using the SeaFrance experience as a learning curve, MyFerryLink features only table ferries. These are spaciously roomed ferries where you will never feel crowded. There is a boutique on board where you can purchase gifts and sundries. There are also different options for food and drink from the bars and restaurants on board.

Whether you want a quick meal, or a full one, you will find what you want on board. They have many other entertainments offered, from the wide-screen TVs scattered around board for your convenience, to a children’s playground that is fully kitted.

Taking tickets and travel seriously:

One of the main advantages of traveling with MyFerryLink is the way in which they handle their ticket sales. Rather than embroil you in complications of travel times, you purchase tickets that are valid for blocks of hours. They do sell one way tickets, but they also sell 24 hour tickets and 72 hour ones.

This gives you much more flexibility in enjoying your holiday to the fullest. They also have special deals that are seasonal that can help you get discounts on ski trips and more. MyFerryLink sees itself as an asset to your ability to enjoy your whole holiday. After all, getting there should be as fun as the arrival itself.