Dover Ferry Port Guide

Travelling from France to England and vice versa is incredibly common, because the trip doesn’t take that long via ferry. There are many ports that you can go through, but a favorite of many locals is the Dover Ferry Port, located near Dover in Kent, England. It’s just over the Channel to France, and it is also one of the oldest ports in the entire world.

As you may expect, this port is one of the busiest in this area of Europe. The ferry companies that go to and from this port include DFDS Seaways (a Danish company), P&O Ferries (Southampton), and MyFerryLink, all of which have several ferries that go back and forth throughout the day. Take a look at our current ferry Dover to Calais offers.

Since there are so many different things for you to do and enjoy while you’re in and around the Dover Ferry Port, it’s important for you to have an idea of what’s there. Here’s a quick look at what it has to offer.

Restaurants: No matter what you are craving, you will be able to find it in the Dover area. There are several restaurants within walking distance that serve inexpensive, diner-style food, including the Marine Court Table, the White Horse Inn, and Castle Take-Away. If you’re looking for something a little more classy and refined, you will want to see what they have at Chapter Eight or Il Rustico, which are a little higher class and have esteemed chefs making delicious meals.

Shopping: Directly at the Port are two buildings called Passenger Services Building West and Passenger Services Building East. These two buildings have a variety of restaurants and shops that you can enjoy while you’re there. If you go a bit further, you can check out De Bradelei Wharf, which offers a variety of different types of clothing at fair prices (and they’re all brand names as well!).

If you head over to Biggin Street, you will see many more shops as well, including Boots, Peacocks, and more. The shopping district in this area is constantly expanding, and so you may want to consider a few trips in order to see what’s new.


Other Attractions: One of the most popular attractions in Dover is the White Cliffs, which is a beautiful cliff arrangement located near the Channel. There are, however, a variety of historical sites that you can also see when you’re there, including various castles (including the well known Dover Castle), the Roman Painted House, and the Transport Museum, which lays out all of the different things that have gone on with the development and technology behind travel that has been centered in and around this area of England.

History is a huge part of what you’re going to see at Dover (and in most other parts of England), so you will want to make sure that you see the Secret Wartime Tunnels, the South Foreland Lighthouse, and a variety of forts and castles that were constructed throughout history in order to keep this region of England safe.

Calais Ferry Port Guide

Travelling throughout Europe can be a very exciting experience; many people decide to do so by ferry. One of the busiest ports between England and France is known as the Calais Ferry Port. There are a variety of different activities, restaurants, and other things to enjoy when you’re in this area.

If you’re into touring and you want to see some of the historical sites, you will want to start your journey at the Calais Town Hall, which has a lot of history behind how it was built and what happened there. Of course, there is definitely more for you to see. If you love the ocean, take a trip out to the Calais Lighthouse.

A trip through the Historical War Museum will give you a glance at many of the wars that France has been involved in. And, last but not least, if you have a love for old religious buildings, you can find the Notre Dame Church in this region as well. All of these sites are within a short walk of the ferry port itself.

Calais is known for all of the different shopping centers that they have within a short distance of the Ferry as well. There are a variety of different stores that sell French wine only, so you can get a taste of the delicious wines that they have to offer. If you’re looking for gifts, you can go take a look at the Rene Classe, which offers a number of different types of porcelain and china based dishes. If food is more your style, you can go indulge in sweets like royalty at the Au Royal Chocolate – which is where King Henry IV liked to get his fix of chocolate.

If you go a little bit further into Calais, you will be able to see all of the different outlets that they have for you and your loved ones to enjoy. These shopping centers (specifically, The Living Centre, which is the newest one in the area) have a variety of different stores that you can browse around and see what you would like to get while you’re there. Lace is a very popular item in Calais, and several outlet stores sell all sorts of lace products.


After you’ve completed a day of shopping, you may want to try and find a bite to eat. Calais has a variety of delicious restaurants that you can check out. Some of the street corners will have food vendors that offer fresh chips or other quick foods. If you’re looking for something with more variety, you will want to check out the Buffet de la Gare or the Café de Paris – both have delicious food at fair costs. You can find the best deals when you book in advance so make sure you check out our Dover Calais Ferry prices.

If you’re going all out, however, you will want to make sure that you take a look at any of the restaurants that are run by the Toques d’Opale – these restaurants will give you some of the best cuisine in the area, and they make hours out of each meal, so plan to stay for a bit.

P&O Ferries Guide

P&O Ferries is a relative newcomer to the passenger shipping industry. They were founded in the 1960s, but that relative newness has been to their advantage. From the beginning, they have taken advantage of the latest innovations and technology to be able to provide their passengers with the best possible experience, at an affordable price.

In 2002, they acquired Stena line and focused all of their operations out of Dover. Their routes increased, as well as the frequency that they run their ferries. The crown in the jewel is the Dover to Calais route

Dover to Calais on P&O:

The Dover to Calais Ferry remains one of the most popular routes. It is short, but P&O focused a lot of their recent development on making sure that there was nothing short about the amenities offered. It only takes about 90 minutes to cross, and P&O offers 23 sailings a day.

Tickets are flexible, without a fee for credit card use and they even let you take caravans and pets on board. There is on board shopping and meal service, a play area for children, and a VIP Lounge for a small upgrade fee. Depending on where you live, this route can be the start of a wonderful weekend holiday – or a part of your regular work week. With flexible ticketing, anything is possible.

Why take the ferry?

With a 90 minute sail time, you can avoid the hassle and expense of flying by taking the P&O Dover to Calais ferry. When you opt to take one of their other routes that are a longer passage – you already know the excellence of the service you will get. P&O has a network of island ports that will take you from the UK at Hull, Dover, or Liverpool out to Dublin, Rotterdam and beyond.

They have used their experience and acquisitions to streamline their routes to match where there is the highest need for them – and then upgraded their service on those routes. All of this means a better travel experience for you, and for a lot less than you would expect to pay.

DFDS Seaways Guide

There are many ferry companies that vie for your business when you want to cross the channel, but few of them present you with so many desirable options for fares, meals and amenities while you are on board as DFDS Seaways.

Their boats are so wonderful that some people opt for a quick holiday of just cruising to and from the UK aboard one of their boats. It really is what’s on board that makes all the difference.

Who is DFDS?

DFDS got its start in 1866. A Danish company, they have experienced spurts of growth throughout their history as they have expanded their carrier lines from freight to passenger and freight combinations. Between 1996 and 2006 they underwent major development, investing in some of the most current technology to bring you the best possible ferry experience you can have.

What’s on board?

DFDS Seaways has become such a strong brand because they know how to make ferry passage fun. Travelers have ample space on board, restaurants and even live music. In the major ports that they reach, The DFDS office can help you with all of their route travel. Their Dover to Calais route is a standout in their lineup.

What makes Dover to Calais the flagship route?

The ferries from Dover to Calais feature some surprising amenities on board for your enjoyment. You can get hot and cold meals, which can become even more affordable when you take advantage of their meal deals. You can also get a vegetarian option too. There is a coffee lounge open at all hours, and on board shopping for sundries and gifts too. There are multiple large screen TVs staged in different areas for your entertainment. There is even a special children’s play area that is outfitted with everything you need to keep your little ones happy.

MyFerryLink Guide

If your experience on MyFerryLink seems familiar it is because their predecessor was SeaFrance. MyFerryLink came into being in 2012 with three ships in their fleet. Two are dedicated for passenger and cargo use, and one is for freight only.

Their ships are newer than most, and feature some of the latest innovations in passenger transport and service on the Channel. They have concentrated their service on the Dover to Calais route, which is the most heavily traveled ferry route on the channel.  Ferries to France from Dover continue to be immensely popular.

The Dover to Calais Experience:

Using the SeaFrance experience as a learning curve, MyFerryLink features only table ferries. These are spaciously roomed ferries where you will never feel crowded. There is a boutique on board where you can purchase gifts and sundries. There are also different options for food and drink from the bars and restaurants on board.

Whether you want a quick meal, or a full one, you will find what you want on board. They have many other entertainments offered, from the wide-screen TVs scattered around board for your convenience, to a children’s playground that is fully kitted.

Taking tickets and travel seriously:

One of the main advantages of traveling with MyFerryLink is the way in which they handle their ticket sales. Rather than embroil you in complications of travel times, you purchase tickets that are valid for blocks of hours. They do sell one way tickets, but they also sell 24 hour tickets and 72 hour ones.

This gives you much more flexibility in enjoying your holiday to the fullest. They also have special deals that are seasonal that can help you get discounts on ski trips and more. MyFerryLink sees itself as an asset to your ability to enjoy your whole holiday. After all, getting there should be as fun as the arrival itself.